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Chorus, melody, simplicity (the recipe for a great pop song)

Overrated uses marimbas, a simple looping progression, and a catchy melody to reflect on lost love.

Souly Had
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A Maj
Hip Hop/Pop

Key Takeaways

There are a few major lessons we can learn from the production of Overrated: 

  1. The power of the chorus: Look at the arrangement of the song below and you can see it's made up of nothing but chorus after chorus. The first chorus starts within 15 seconds. The verses are shorter than the chorus. Everything points back to the chorus.
  2. A great melody is essential: This song is rich with catchy smooth melodies that'll get stuck in your head all day. A great song needs a strong melody that's easy to remember, flows with the words, and blends with the chord progression underneath. He does all of this well, IMHO.
  3. Simple ideas work: This song is very very simple, but it works well. The chord progression is basically one single loop through the entire song. Don't overcomplicate your ideas. Keep it simple.

Remember to make the chorus great, focus on your melody, and keep it simple.

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