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The magical backing vocals of Khalid

Location uses flowery R&B chords, a dead-simple beat, and an incredible hook (melody + lyrics) to create one of the biggest hits of the 2010's

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C# min
Smash David, SykSense, Bajram Kurti, Tunji Ige, Christopher McClenney

Key Takeaways

  • Melody + Lyrical Hook: This song shows the power of a great melody and hook... Before you press play on the song try to remember all the production elements. I bet you can't. But what everyone can undeniably remember is that simple line "Send me your location / let's focus on communication..." At the end of the day, the meat and potatoes of the song has to be great before you can season it with a great production. This is a harsh reality that's not fun to admit as a producer, if i'm honest.
  • BGVs: Khalid is a master of layering the backing vocals throughout his tracks. Backing vocals don't just belong in the chorus, he shows that you can use them throughout an entire production to bring energy and life to a song!
  • Simplicity: The beat is so very simple. At any point in time there are only 2-3 layers happening with the synths, but they switch up pretty often throughout the song which makes it feel very dynamic and lively. Sometimes you need to add new sounds to the horizontal progression of the song, not more layers to a single section of the song (vertical).
  • Drum fills: They sprinkle lots of different drum fills throughout the song to break up the different sections. It's a cool combination of retro and modern sounds.
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