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How to avoid being boring: The power of novelty

I Like Me Better uses simple 8-bar sections, incredible sound design, and simple melodies to create a vibrant atmosphere that fully immerses you in his world.

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A Maj

Key Takeaways

There are a few big lessons to learn from this song: simplicity, novelty, and emotional sound design. Let's dive into it.

  • Simplicity: The song uses a very simple chord progression, only a few instruments (Mainly bells + an 808 bass and drums), and literally is broken into 10 sections of 8 bars each. There's a beauty to the simplicity but he also does a great job of keeping my attention through the entire production.
  • Novelty: Each 8-bar section introduces a new sound, a different vocal production technique, or just something as simple as a snap on the 2 and 4. Use small changes in each section of your song to keep listeners engaged.
  • Emotional Sound Design: From the first 3 seconds of the song you're immediately gripped by this super raw sounding distorted and manipulated vocal effect. It's a catchy vocal sound that comes back during each of the subsequent drops, creating a strong sonic theme to the song and hooking people's attention. Sound design can make a simple melody into a powerful pop song.

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