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All Time Low is an amalgamation of pop, J-Dilla swing drums, rich strings, and Bellion's classic vocal production style

Jon Bellion
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C Maj
Jon Bellion, Mark Williams, Volta

Key Takeaways

Jon Bellion, Mark Williams, and Volta are 3 of the best producers, and this song is one of their most successful songs to-date.

  • Vocal Production: There's a lot of vocal production throughout this song that brings it to life. The first word of each section in verse 1 has a massive robotic/monster vocal sound in the background. There are lower and upper octave layers of Jon singing the "low low" part of the choruses throughout the song, and then the song ends with a big group of gang vocals. By switching back and forth from a mono vocal track in the verses to stereo (and heavily layered) vocals in the chorus, they create some nice separation between these 2 different parts of the song.
  • Voice as an instrument: Bellion is famous for using his voice to beatbox and make weird songs, and he opens up this song with that same iconic sound. It sounds like he's using his voice, some autotune, auto-panning, and a little white noise in the background to create the initial intro sound, but it immediately grips you and pulls you into the universe of this record. Thay also add a really crazy "HUHH" sound in the chorus that sounds like some voiceover from a video game or anime. I think that these out-of-join sounds make the song work.
  • It's all in the details: There's a tiny little click/pop sound that seems intentionally placed around 1:16. It sounds like they cut off every track in the song intentionally for a nanosecond to create this little blip in the track. Whether intentional or not, this provides a beautiful little ear candy on the track and moves the sound around in the headphones/speaker.
  • The Pocket: There's a very big swinging groove to the drums. They are very loose, a little bit behind beat, and off-grid. It really makes you bob your head and want to dance.

Learn more about how Jon made the song in the video below: 

The story is inspiring. Jon started out with some simple drums and a concept of "low low low lo low low low..." then worked backwards to the meaning of the song to make it match up with that small musical moment. One idea flowed into the next one.

Years of training come down to small moments like this when inspiration strikes and the ideas just flow.

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