Songmaps exists to help music producers ship more beats by education and inspiration.

Music production is a beautifully complex craft that takes a lifetime to master.

But how do you master music production? That's the question i've been asking myself since 2015 when I bought my first home recording kit for about $200. Since then, i've made a lot of mistakes, a lot of crappy beats, and finally some good ones. But I'm still just walking this long journey to master music production.

I currently believe it takes 3 things to master your craft:
1. Education (LEARN)
2.  Implementation (PRACTICE)
3. Community (CONNECT)

Whether you’re a Producer, Designer, Architect, Lawyer, Filmmaker, or Nurse, these things remain the same. We need to learn, practice, and connect.

How do you master music production?

You need education to grow, inspiration to practice, and people to connect for feedback and encouragement.

Why? Because practice without information means crappy results and inefficiency.

Information without practice means no work gets done.

And community without practice or information is great, but it doesn’t lead to much progress.

We need education, practice, and community. But where do we find it?

Songmaps is a place for producers to find the education and inspiration they need to make more music.

It's my goal to share everything I know about production on this platform, and to answer the question 'How do you master the craft of music production?'

If you're interested in answering that question too, then please follow along! 

Colby Schemm
Jan 1, 2022

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